Children’s Books Added

” We have received a new supply of children’s books which include many Chapter Books for the more advanced reader.  Don’t forget we still have our $5 Fill a Bag sale going.  There are only five shopping days left until we close the store and relocate to the new Miller library on Julia Drive.  We will be sending updates as we have more information.”

“What Are Chapter Books?

For young and new readers, books tend to be very short. They are made up of just words or a few short sentences. They are primarily very picture heavy and have a simple, linear story.

Chapter books are the next stage for readers. Chapter books are stories that are long enough and complex enough to require chapters to break them up. At a young age, they are not too long; they are shorter than novels but longer than typical picture books.

Chapter books often have illustrations, too, but they are not as large or as prevalent as early reading material. In general, children are ready to progress to chapter books around the age of seven or eight.”

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