Moving Day

‘Twas the night before moving, when all thro’ the library,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a fairy.

The books were packed in their boxes with care,

In hopes that the moving van soon would be there.

The books soon heard such a clatter and

Couldn’t wait to see what was the matter.

The moving van had arrived with the FOL elves and

Each book wondered if they would find new shelves.

The van was loaded with haste and

Instantly each book hoped they would find a new place.

The books had finally arrived at their new space and now are waiting for your embrace!

           Come See our books at our new bookstore location at 2906 Julia Drive, Valdosta.

                   Opening Soon – July 28th!

Many thanks to our FOL Elves: Gene, Karl, Walter, Sarah, Pepi, David, Kelsey and David, Thomas, and Riley.

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