June 22 – Celebrate 83 years of Gone with the Wind

Celebrate 83 years of Gone with the Wind with the Friends of the Library on Saturday, June 22 from 11 am until 2 pm at the Willis L Miller Library, 2906 Julia Drive.

Take a selfie with invited guests dressed in period costumes.

Be present at 12 and/or 1 pm for a drawing for 25% off total purchase at the SGRL Friends BookStore.

Refreshments will be served.

Gone with the Wind and related trivia books about the author, book, and movie will be available for sale at the SGRL BookStore.  The original book written by Margaret Mitchell was first published on June 30, 1936 and the movie was released in January, 1940.

Summer is Coming!

Summer is Coming!

 You may be headed to the beach or just resting around the pool or sitting in your favorite chair on the porch and you need something light and entertaining to keep you cool.
We have just the thing, a new romance to entertain your thoughts and keep you “cool”.  Romance books are on sale:  2 for $1.00.

Keep “cool” May 2nd thru May 7th.

All DVD’s on Sale

Be prepared:

 – For April Showers                                       

– An alternative to March Madness

– Something to do during Spring Break

All DVD’s on Sale – 5 for $1.00

March 12 – March 18th

Store hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10 – 1 and Saturday 11 – 4

We accept cash, check , or credit/debit cards – $5 minimum